The National Eagle Scout Association Chicago Chapter


What is NESA Chicago?

NESA Chicago is a group of men in the Chicagoland area that achieved the rank of Eagle Scout as youth who now seek to reconnect with as many fellow local Eagle Scouts as possible to promote camaraderie and networking among their members while also supporting Scouts and Scouting through NESA sponsored events and mentoring opportunities.


  • Recognizing the value this fraternity of men who have all reached the achievement of Eagle Scout, we share a common value for excellence and live by a high standard of integrity that was forged in our Scouting experience.
  • Leverage technology to connect and build relationships using voluntary on-line databases (i.e. NESA, Linked In) of professional backgrounds that can be accessed for referrals, advice and services.
  • Connection at NESA events and activities


  • Host NESA events such as recognition dinners, business breakfast meetings and social events
  • Support existing Council activities to raise awareness for NESA
  • Supporting local chicago youth programs for kids and young adults
  • Arrange for Chicago bus trips for kids and young adults, visiting the city and/or outlying areas for camping and other fun activities.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction with NESA members and the Scouting community at large


  • Motivate Star and Life Scouts to persevere to Eagle, by demonstrating the unique benefits of joining this elite (but not elitist) group of Scouts
  • Through high school and college years, provide opportunities for Eagle Scouts to learn about career options they are considering first hand through other Eagles in those professions
  • Helping Eagles land their first job and then engage with the NESA chapter to continue the cycle of service
  1218 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607
  Telephone: (312) 421-8800 Fax: (312) 421-4725
Chicago Area Council, BSA General email: [email protected] 
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